Last Chance for Whole Body Detox 2014!

Whole Body DetoxLast chance to feel outstanding this year!

If you ever wanted to do a detox, but didn’t know where to start, this post is for you!

Maybe you just need an extra kick in the bum to get yourself going?  We all need that sometimes!…

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Sneak peek into Whole Body Detox 2014

Sneak peek into Whole Body Detox

Feel healthy and vibrant this spring!

Shed the gunky buildup from a long, hard winter… and let the glowing, vital YOU out from hibernation!

Join an amazing group to kick-start your health goals this year!  There are still a few spots left in my Whole Body Detox 2014 program this spring - scroll down to find out how to register.…

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Do you need to detox?

green and red healthy foodLook and feel great this year!

Join me for Whole Body Detox 2014!

Shake off the cold, damp, crustiness of winter and get ready for spring!  Yes, it is coming…

Every year we have a blast tuning up our health and letting go of all the old junk and gunk that tends to build up and never leave after the holidays.…

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Whole Body Detox 2014

Feel outstanding in 2014!


Ever wanted to do a detox?  (but didn’t know where to start?)

Or maybe you just need an extra kick in the bum to get it going?  We all need that sometimes, and that’s why I offer my Whole Body Detox program every year!…

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Hungry? You need more sleep!

Ever noticed when you miss sleep you eat more?

hungry sleepA few days ago, it seemed like no matter what I ate, I was still hungry!  And I don’t mean just “I want another little nibble of something” kind of hungry, I mean HUNGRY, as in “I could eat a second entire lunch” king of hungry!…

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Seminar: Get well, stay healthy

The busy person’s guide to staying well, naturally!

FluPart 1: Cold and flu prevention

Learn how to prevent and treat cold and flu naturally and effectively with Dr. Kate Whimster, ND.

Lifestyle CoachingPart 2: Harness more Energy and Optimize your Health!

Learn how to boost your mood and fight fatigue with simple daily strategies presented by Dr.

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Peanut butter and jam smoothie

Craving peanut butter and jam?

I got the following email from a patient yesterday and thought I would share her interesting smoothie recipe.  Enjoy!

PBJ“I accidentally made the BEST smoothie I’ve ever tasted yesterday by pilfering through bare cupboards looking for healthy additives for a quick cleanse-friendly meal.  It was so good I thought I’d share it in case you’d like to try it or pass it on to patients who are new to the smoothie world, as it’s definitely an easy one to drink!

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8 healthy gift ideas

It’s December!  Which means, it’s holiday time!

This also means this is the time of year when we brave the cold weather to squeeze into overcrowded shopping malls to fight it out search high and low for something, anything the perfect gift for our spouse, siblings, parents, children, and coworkers, garbage men, hairdressers, pets, Secret Santa, and every other conceivable acquaintance other special people in our lives.…

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Beat the bug!

Are you sick of getting sick?

FluWho isn’t, right?  Unfortunately, cold and flu a part of life!  You can’t avoid illness altogether, but you can support your immune system to do its job better.

In the last couple of weeks, as the weather changes and the days get shorter, I’m hearing from lots of patients looking for help boosting immunity against cold and flu.

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Soothe sinuses with a neti pot

What is an effective treatment for sinus congestion due to cold, flu, sinusitis, and allergies?

Many people have heard of the neti pot via television and it really is an easy, fun, gentle, and effective way to treat and eliminate sinus issues.…

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