Favourite Things 2014

Do you remember “Oprah’s Favorite Things”?

Can you believe that there soon will be (or already is?) a whole generation of people who will experience life WITHOUT the Oprah show on TV every day at 4pm?  This is the type of thought that makes me feel old!…

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How to pick your life partner

Welcome to what is likely to be my only post in September!

Where does the time go?  Last thing I remember, it was July, it was warm outside (at least warmer than it is today) and I had grand plans to keep up with posting a new blog article every 2-4 weeks as usual.…

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Updated: Cervical dysplasia case study

Cervical dysplasia resolved in less than 2 years

This is an updated version of a previous article describing a case of cervical dysplasia that was successfully treated with naturopathic medicine.  I’ve made a few corrections and added the most recent information on this patient’s progress and outcome.…

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Anger management


Do you ever feel like this?

I’m angry!

Last week, someone broke down our door, stole a bunch of valuables, and left a big mess behind.

We are very fortunate that we only lost material things and that nobody was hurt.  Doors can be fixed, things can be replaced.…

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Addictive honey granola

Honey granolaSeriously the best granola you’ll ever have…  You won’t be able to stop!

I got this recipe from my friend Krysten Desouza when she posted it on her website here.  I’ve now made it 3 times in just 2 weeks and everyone I’ve shared it with has loved it!…

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