Asian Medicine & Acupuncture

What is Asian medicine?

Long before human beings could look inside the body to understand its anatomy and function, Asian medicine sought to explain these phenomena via understanding the flow of Qi (Chi) or life energy.  One of the oldest and richest healing systems, Asian medicine evaluates the balance of energy and functions of the body and aims to restore balance through the use of diet, lifestyle, herbs, acupuncture, and other therapeutics.  As with many other Eastern systems of medicine, physical health is an integrated part of life, interconnected with all other aspects.  Asian medicine practitioners look for patterns of symptoms as well as using pulse and tongue diagnosis to identify pathology.


What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a specific treatment modality within Asian medicine which uses the insertion of very fine sterile needles into specific points along energy meridians.  This insertion and stimulation of needles influences the function and healing of the body.


How were you trained in acupuncture and Asian medicine?

Naturopathic doctors are trained for 4 years in Asian medicine and acupuncture and many use this treatment modality to address a wide variety of concerns.

Asian medicine

What can I expect?

Diagnosis in Asian medicine includes both a detailed intake as well as tongue and pulse diagnosis to establish which Asian medicine organ systems are affected and how.  I will ask you detailed questions about your presenting concerns and overall health history, as well as monitor your tongue and pulse to confirm my Asian medicine diagnosis.

Acupuncture is usually combined with other interventions such as diet, lifestyle, and botanical medicine.  A course of acupuncture treatments is generally completed with weekly treatments over a course of 6-8 weeks, monitoring progress at each treatment.

What can you treat with acupuncture and Asian medicine?

Most frequently patients seeking acupuncture suffer from injuries or chronic pain, but many other ailments can benefit also.  Infertility, hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, digestive disorders, and many other concerns can be treated with acupuncture and Asian medicine.

Is there evidence for the use of Asian medicine?

There is ample research evidence regarding acupuncture and Asian medicine.  Check out PubMed to search for specific research articles.

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