10 reasons you need a Naturopathic Doctor

1. Good communication

Your naturopathic doctor will explain the likely causes of your concerns, the connection between them, what treatment they advise and WHY, and what you can do to prevent future illness so that you actually understand what is going on with your own health. What a novel idea…

Answers2. Get answers

Your naturopathic doctor can answer your curious health questions, such as “what is this thing on my foot?”, “what is adrenal fatigue?”, or “does soy cause man boobs?”

3. Get the time you need

Your naturopathic doctor will spend more than 15 minutes with you and get to know you as an individual, resulting in a personalized treatment plan addressing your unique combination of concerns.

4. Stop wasting your money

Your naturopathic doctor can help you figure out which supplements are right for you so you take only what is useful and save a lot of money! And they can even help you figure out how much you need to take to see results, so you save even more money!

Understand5. Understand why

Your naturopathic doctor will seek to understand the cause of your symptoms, leading to treatment that is gentle and produces long-lasting results. No more trial and error, confusion, frustration, and hopelessness.

6. Trust the expert

Your naturopathic doctor has the most training and experience using natural medicine (and how natural medicine interacts with conventional medicine). More than your medical doctor, Oprah, Dr. Oz, your uncle Ernie, your hairdresser, and anyone else you can find. Take advantage and get the right answers the first time.

7. Better service

Your naturopathic doctor is trained as a primary health care provider, meaning she can diagnose conditions, perform physical exams, order lab tests, and generally care for you as a family doctor. And she won’t make you wait for hours in a crowded waiting room for a 15-minute appointment.

Stethoscope8. Don’t try this at home

Your naturopathic doctor can perform acupuncture, prescribe homeopathic remedies, interpret lab results, and much more. Don’t try this at home!

9. Teamwork

Your naturopathic doctor will work cooperatively with any other health care practitioners you are seeing to ensure that their treatment will be effective and everyone is on the same page.

10. Heal yourself

Your naturopathic doctor will work to restore and support your own inherent healing abilities so that you heal YOURSELF. Never knew you were so powerful, did you?

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