A critical look at homeopathy

HomeopathyTonight CBC Marketplace will air a report called Cure or Con? on homeopathy. Even though the report has not aired yet, there are lots of comments! From what I can tell from their preview, I doubt that these journalists have actually investigated this modality in-depth and that their “research” is likely a waste of time and money. I look forward to watching it to see what they have done.

I use homeopathy as part of my practice with great results and have written blogs about it on this site (check out the homeopathy category). If you are interested in learning more about homeopathy, start with my blog What is homeopathy? For information about research into homeopathy, check out Homeopathy research review.

What most people consider research is often only the tip of the iceberg as far as information goes. True “evidence-based medicine” encompasses clinical experience as well! Check out my blog Is naturopathic medicine evidence-based? for a more a discussion on this topic and my blog Mythology of science-based medicine for even more insight into medical research.

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