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Viruses: Natural Protection and Treatment

Need personalized advice?

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Below I am providing a summary of easy, cheap, and helpful steps you can take to prevent and treat viral infections.  However, it is always best to get personalized advice.  If you are prone to illness, currently sick, or would like specific guidance about what supplements or herbs to take, more ideas on treatment that are not listed here, or how to manage fever or other symptoms at home, please make an appointment! …

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Cold and flu

Family Friendly Immune Hacks

Is Your Family Sick of Being Sick?

Cold and fluIf you have children (or are pregnant!), chances are you have noticed that you are getting sick more often!

During pregnancy, the immune system becomes more tolerant and therefore we can be more susceptible to infections.…

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Cold and flu

Beat the Bug!

Are you sick of getting sick?

FluWho isn’t, right?  Unfortunately, cold and flu a part of life!  You can’t avoid illness altogether, but you can support your immune system to do its job better.

In the last couple of weeks, as the weather changes and the days get shorter, I’m hearing from lots of patients looking for help boosting immunity against cold and flu.

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Wart Elimination Case Study

Frustrated by stubborn warts?

Check out my own case of wart elimination!

I have been asked in the past to post on this blog about cases I’ve treated. While this is a great idea, it is difficult to execute due to balancing the importance of protecting the privacy of the patients involved while being able to provide enough detail to explain the treatment and outcomes.…

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Dr. Erica Cowan, ND

All about mucus

Today’s guest post is from Erica Cowan, ND all about mucus!

Do you wake up congested?

You are not alone! It may be common but it is not ideal. For those of you with chronic mucus build up, you don’t have to live this way forever and there are ways to rid yourself of this sticky buildup in your body.…

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Cold and flu

Tasty Flu Shot

Cold and fluOne of my favourite immune supporting tips is using berries to prevent colds and flu! Not only do they taste great, but they are also helpful in strengthening immunity during the winter season.

Blueberries and other dark-coloured berries contain anthocyanidins, which can enter the cell wall of bacteria and slow growth and reproduction.…

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