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An ounce of prevention

In my monthly library talks and when speaking with patients, I find myself frequently emphasizing the incredible importance of prevention. Naturopathic medicine is all about prevention! So I thought I would share some key points here to help drive home just how valuable prevention is (and why it can be hard to practice it!).…

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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine gets results

Naturopathic MedicineA project initiated by the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute conducted a systematic review of outcome studies of whole practice naturopathic medicine. This review demonstrated the value of naturopathic medicine, specifically:

“Our review found 13 qualifying studies which we evaluated for their primary outcome measures, quality of life measures and cost-effectiveness.…

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Naturopathic doctor licensing in Colorado

Good article in the New York Times today about efforts (and opponents) toward licensing NDs in Colorado (currently an unlicensed state).

Ignorance is not bliss

Mark Cooper is spot-on when he says “The whole issue is fear-based ignorance.” I find that even in Ontario (a province which licenses NDs) most critics of naturopathic medicine are ignorant as to the training we have and treatment we provide.…

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