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Dr. Negin Misaghi, ND

Intermittent fasting: best time for your one meal

Today’s guest post is from Negin Misaghi, ND about intermittent fasting.

How many meals per day?

I had a supervisor during my clinical rotation who challenged my recommendations of eating 5 meals a day to a patient. This was and still is such a deeply held belief in medicine that I seriously thought he was either just challenging me for the fun of it and for lack of anything else to pick on or he really didn’t know what he was talking about!…

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Woman holding apple in one hand, tart in other hand and looking sideways at the tart

Tips and tricks to make cooking easy

The cornerstone of eating healthy is to prepare your food yourself!

More and more people are eating out every day and sometimes multiple times per day and the result is that we eat processed foods that are exponentially higher in sugar, salt, preservatives, and fillers and much lower in nutrients than anything we could make at home!…

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Dr. Shelly Reitkop, ND

The dairy dilemma

Dairy products are one of those food groups that people reluctantly give up.  Most individuals associate milk and cheese with growing bones, strong teeth and osteoporosis prevention.  They have played into strategic marketing and genuinely believe that dairy products possess an abundance of health benefits. …

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Dr. Negin Misaghi, ND

The scoop on fish oils

Today’s guest post is from Negin Misaghi, ND

Fish oil is fabulous!

I’m not much into miracles especially where medicine is concerned. Fish oils however, are without question today’s miracle medicine! I should clarify however that fish oil is a miracle in the sense that it’s a very potent healer, and not a miracle as far as the definition of this word is concerned – with regards to it being supernatural or incomprehensible.…

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