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Ultimate chocolate chip cookies

Looking for a great, but healthier recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

I recently tried this recipe called Jesi’s Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were great! I found them a little too sweet for my taste, so I modified the recipe in the following ways:

  • I used a combination of vegetable glycerine (very sweet but does not spike blood sugar – I get mine in large bottles from Azure Standard) and agave syrup
  • I used less vanilla (1/2 tsp instead of 1 tsp)
  • I used less chocolate chips (3/4 cup instead of 1 cup)


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Simple almond cookies

These really simple cookies are easy to make and great for a quick, high-protein snack. I’ve made them more recently while I was doing an elimination/detox diet as part of my New Year’s resolution and they helped keep me on track by having a healthy and tasty snack around!…

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Steamed kale

Easy greens

Blanching is a method of cooking that technically means immersing food in boiling water followed by cold water to quickly stop the cooking process. I use a variation on this in which I boil greens for a short period of time, then allow them to cool.…

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Walnut Butter

Yummy walnut butter

I’m doing an elimination diet right now and one of the things I’ve eliminated is my beloved chocolate! To successfully abstain, it was crucial that I plan out some great non-chocolate snacks. One great substitute for me has been walnut butter.…

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Walnutty chocolate

Walnutty chocolate

Does anyone love chocolate more than I do?

I think that may be impossible…

Back in 2003, I decided to stop eating sugar entirely for one month as an experiment. This was actually a lot easier than I expected and completely changed the way I eat since.…

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Antioxidant brownies

ChocolateI LOVE chocolate, but I try to avoid sugar because I feel so much better without it. When I stopped eating sugar in 2003, I was faced with the dilemma of how the heck I could still feed my chocolate cravings while avoiding sugar?…

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Strong bones

Bone broth recipe

Strong bonesIn honour of recent discussion about calcium and vitamin D supplementation, I’m sharing my easy, simple recipe for bone broth. This is a great way to get calcium and other minerals from the bones, as well as other nutrients from the meat and cartilage.…

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Homemade Ghee

Homemade ghee

Those who know me know that I love ghee! Ghee is “clarified butter” meaning that it is butter minus water and dairy solids. Bhavaprakash, a major Ayurvedic text, states that “Ghee is … good for the eyes, stimulant for digestion, supports glow and beauty, enhances memory and stamina, promotes longevity, and protects the body from various diseases.”…

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