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Hungry? You need more Sleep!

Ever noticed when you miss sleep you eat more?

hungry sleepA few days ago, it seemed like no matter what I ate, I was still hungry!  And I don’t mean just “I want another little nibble of something” kind of hungry, I mean HUNGRY, as in “I could eat a second entire lunch” king of hungry!…

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Dark at night

The Importance of Dark at Night

Dark at nightI’d like to share with you a fantastic episode of The Nature of Things called Lights Out! that succinctly and powerfully demonstrates the effect on our health from exposure to light at night.

Your body clock

We all have a “body clock”, or circadian rhythm and light is a major signal that keeps us “on time.”…

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Healing power of nature

Tips for Sound Sleep

In the past few months I’ve done several presentations that include information about the importance of sleep (for more about booking me for speaking engagements, including several example topics, check out my Seminars page). The first step for better sleep is to follow some simple tips:

5 Tips for Sound Sleep

Dark at night1.

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Is lack of sleep making you fat?

I wrote a research paper looking the relationship between sleep duration and metabolic syndrome and this blog is a summary of what I learned. References are listed at the end and can be found on PubMed.

DiabetesMetabolic Syndrome and sleep

Metabolic syndrome is a group of metabolic risk factors used to identify individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease (1).…

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