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Balloons (one in each colour of the rainbow) lined up with greenery behind

10 Things That Went Well

I have been writing this article in my mind for over 5 years

Balloons (one in each colour of the rainbow) lined up with greenery behind

When I first became a mom in 2017, life changed a lot (an understatement!).

After many years of mostly knowing what I was doing or being able to figure things out, I suddenly had a newborn baby and it was like the old me died or disappeared and my old life was just a dream.…

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Blood pressure

Anger management

I’m angry!

Last week, someone broke down our door, stole a bunch of valuables, and left a big mess behind.

We are very fortunate that we only lost material things and that nobody was hurt.  Doors can be fixed, things can be replaced.  …

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Be here now

Quick Start Guide to Meditation

Be here now100 day meditation challenge update!

As of today, I am 18 days into my 100 day meditation challenge and I am proud to say that so far, I have meditated every day!  For my first blog on this topic, check out How to defeat stress in 10 minutes

Some days have been harder, like when it’s 11:45pm and I realize that I have to meditate NOW in order to get it in for the day…  Or when I’m in the car and realize I won’t be home by midnight, in which case I’ve put on my headphones, turn on my nature sounds, and meditate right there!  …

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As easy as breathing

How often do you hear the expression “as easy as breathing”? Breathing is pretty easy, but breathing well is a skill that requires practice! While reading Chi Running (al) this summer, I learned more about breathing and its importance not only for fitness but also stress management and focus.…

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