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The Four Tendencies

How to Master Behaviour Change

What behaviours would definitely improve your life?

If you are a regular reader, if you are my patient, or if you have done my Whole Body Detox program then you will already know that I’m a huge fan of the author Gretchen Rubin.…

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Master your habits, achieve your dreams

"Success does not come to You, You Go to It"

Becoming Better Than Before

I have found a kindred spirit!

I first became aware of Gretchen Rubin when she was a guest on the James Altucher Show podcast and after that she seemed to pop up EVERYWHERE in my life: on other podcasts, on a poster in the subway, on The Social TV show, via patients reading her book, etc…

Why was she suddenly so prominent?…

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Kate Wedding

How to pick your life partner

Welcome to what is likely to be my only post in September!

Where does the time go?  Last thing I remember, it was July, it was warm outside (at least warmer than it is today) and I had grand plans to keep up with posting a new blog article every 2-4 weeks as usual.…

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You can change

You hear it all the time “I’m too old to change” or “people never change” or some similar thing… I get tired of hearing this, especially since I witness people change their diet, lifestyle, and many other things all the time!…

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What am I reading?

ReadingThis post is inspired by the book What is Stephen Harper Reading?, created by author Yann Martel to document his quest to influence Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reading. It’s quite a fascinating read both for the 101 book recommendations (all accompanied by a letter to Stephen Harper as to why each book was chosen) and for the thought and debate provoked by the question itself.…

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