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Can you Heal Hashimoto’s?

This article is the third in a series of three articles all about Hashimoto’s disease and will cover how Naturopathic treatment can help alleviate symptoms, improve thyroid function, and over time reduce autoimmunity to heal Hashimoto’s. Check out the other two articles here:

My personal Hashimoto’s history

I am careful to only share my personal experience with patients when I know it can be helpful (or entertaining!).…

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Thyroid gland

What is Hashimoto’s? (And how to find out if you have it)

Why does Thyroid Disease Matter?

Do you have thyroid disease, or specifically Hashimoto’s?

If so, you probably already know that:

  • Thyroid disease can cause many varied symptoms and is a major barrier to overall health and ability to function
  • Patients often assume there are no further options beyond taking thyroid hormone replacement medication, even if they still feel poorly
  • Testing and treating thyroid disease can be confusing and overwhelming to patients
  • Failing to address the root cause of thyroid disease can lead to continued loss of thyroid gland function and other chronic dysfunction/disease

As a Naturopathic Doctor (and someone who prides herself on sorting through and organizing information well!),…

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Blood testing

Decoding Thyroid Testing

Lab testingDo you feel like thyroid lab testing is a foreign language?

You’re not alone!

One of the most confusing aspects of thyroid dysfunction is understanding thyroid testing. What tests have been done and what do they mean? What other testing can be helpful to gain a deeper understanding of thyroid function?…

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