True Wellness Seminars

As a Naturopathic Doctor I am the natural medicine expert and there is nothing I love better than teaching others about how to improve their health through my True Wellness Seminars!

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True Wellness Seminar Guidelines:

  • True Wellness SeminarsSeminars are approximately 
45-60 minutes (including time for questions and discussion), but any topic can be modified to fit your event.
  • If you don’t see the topic you are seeking below, I can create a customized seminar for you.
  • Please contact me for speaking rates.

Health is Wealth Series

This series is geared toward employee wellness and key issues encountered in the workplace, such as stress management.

Health is Wealth:

Did you know that the #1 trait of successful people is good health?  Good health not only allows you to work efficiently and with greater endurance, but also supports concentration, creative thinking, and motivation to achieve your goals.  Learn about your body’s innate healing ability and how to support your health to ensure your long-term success.

Stress Busters:

Canadians spend more than 60% of their waking hours at work, 51% report experiencing a great deal of stress at work, and 25% have been physically ill from workplace demands and stressors!  Get a handle on stress, the #1 contributor to chronic disease, and learn key strategies to manage the stress in your life.

Blood Type Diet

Introduction to the Blood Type Diet:

One size does not fit all!  Learn the basics behind this diet system that uses simple blood type genetics to determine which foods are best for your body.  On-site blood-typing can be arranged to accompany this seminar.

4 Seasons of Wellness Series

Tree iconThis series of talks addresses key health challenges of each season.  These can be customized for your audience as needed.

Spring, Healthy Detox:

Wondering how to do a healthy detox?  Learn about the benefits of detoxification and how detox can help treat many chronic health concerns.

Summer, Sleep & Stress:

Stress is at the root of all disease and you have the power to change it.  Get a handle on stress and learn some simple and effective techniques to improve sleep.

Fall, Allergies:

Got allergies?  Understand this immune reaction and how natural medicine can help you alleviate and prevent symptoms naturally.

Winter, Cold & Flu:

How to handle cold and flu naturally and effectively!  Learn how to address and prevent key winter health issues to keep you and your family healthy all year long.

Specific Health Topics

Balancing Cholesterol:

Beyond statins…  Learn the what, why, and how of cholesterol and effective strategies to achieve healthy cholesterol balance.

Breast Health & Cancer Prevention:

Attention ladies!  Identify risk factors you can control and how natural medicine can help treat and prevent breast cancer.

Gluten Sensitivity:

What is gluten sensitivity and celiac disease?   Unlock the mystery of this common food sensitivity and how it can make a major impact on your health.

Hypertension & Stroke Prevention:

Recognize the signs and symptoms of hypertension and stroke and why these two issues go hand-in-hand.  Learn about cardiovascular health and stroke prevention.

Managing Menopause:

A reflection of lifelong hormonal health, menopause can manifest in so many ways.  Learn how to prevent, minimize, and manage symptoms associated with menopause.

Osteoporosis & Bone Health:

Calcium is just the tip of the iceberg…  Learn about risk factors and diagnosis as well as comprehensive treatment options to prevent and treat bone loss.

Reversing Type II Diabetes:

Learn about the physiology of blood sugar control and how type II diabetes can be effectively prevented and treated via safe, natural interventions.

Thyroid Therapy:

The “master gland” of the body, your thyroid influences both body and mind.  Learn how to understand thyroid testing and treatment options to support thyroid health.

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