How to go Sugar-Free

Did you know that sugar is toxic?  Check out my blog Sugar is toxic for a sugar reality check.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you read…

On the very same day I published that post, The Globe and Mail published an article entitled Uncovering the ‘dirty secret’ about sugar, an interview with the makers of a new documentary called Fed Up, in theatres May 9th.  How timely!

FreedomNow that you are convinced of the damage sugar is causing you, time to eat less!  Eating less sugar is actually very simple and easy and pays off in so many ways:

  • Kick-start weight and fat loss
  • Super-charge your energy and vitality
  • Re-calibrate your taste buds
  • Eradicate sugar cravings
  • Strengthen your immunity
  • Prevent long-term chronic disease

Whole foods rule!

The first step is to eliminate or significantly reduce the sucrose you consume.  The simplest way to do this is to avoid eating packaged foods and stick to whole foods close to their natural form and to prepare your own foods.

Even if you only choose to bake your own sweets rather than buy them, you will still be consuming less sugar, salt, and fat as well as eliminating a lot of preservatives and additives from your diet.  Baking with more natural forms of sugar, such as honey or maple syrup is another great step, as well as using fruit to sweeten foods instead of sugar, such as using applesauce, bananas, and dates in your baking.

However, you can still consume a lot of sugar from homemade sweets if you are eating them regularly, so why not take it to the next level and change your habits to become less dependent on sugar in your diet?

Go sugar-free

If you want to really eliminate a lot of sugar from your diet and find out how great you could feel, try one of the following levels:

Level 1: Avoid sugars and sweeteners

  • This includes added sugar and “natural” sugars, such as honey, maple, syrup, agave, syrup, molasses, etc.
  • Focus on eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, vegetable proteins (beans, legumes), animal proteins
  • You can use natural sweeteners that do not raise blood sugar, such as stevia and vegetable glycerine if you like
  • You can continue to eat naturally sweet foods, such as fruit
  • You can continue to eat starchy foods, such as grains

Level 2: Avoid sugars, sweeteners, fruit juices, and grains

  • Follow the guidelines in number 1, plus eliminate fruit juices and grains
  • Focus on eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, vegetable proteins (beans, legumes), animal proteins
  • You can continue to eat fresh or frozen fruit, just not fruit juices

Level 3: Avoid sugars, sweeteners, grains, and all fruit

  • Follow the guidelines in number 2, plus eliminate all fruit
  • Focus on eating vegetables, nuts, seeds, vegetable proteins (beans, legumes), animal proteins

Ease into it by starting at Level 1 for at least one week.   Go up to Level 2 and then 3 when you’re ready.  There are lots of other foods to eat and you will likely find it much easier than you think!

If you are a true sugar addict, start slow!  You will probably feel pretty bad for a few days.  This is called withdrawal and could include low energy, irritability, headaches, and body aches.  This is a great indicator of just how reliant on sugar your body has become!  Don’t worry, you should feel better within a week!

Ensure you are drinking lots of water, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep – support your body and it will continue to support you!

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