Hungry? You need more Sleep!

Ever noticed when you miss sleep you eat more?

hungry sleepA few days ago, it seemed like no matter what I ate, I was still hungry!  And I don’t mean just “I want another little nibble of something” kind of hungry, I mean HUNGRY, as in “I could eat a second entire lunch” king of hungry!

I’m pretty familiar with how many calories I need in a day and what types of foods keep me satiated.  So this was pretty unusual – I ate as usual, but I was a lot hungrier!  What was different?

Then it occurred to me that I was sleep deprived.  I’m currently in the thick of planning my wedding and all last week was pretty stressful, leading me to stay up later doing wedding stuff and wake up earlier worrying about wedding stuff (along with the usual things like work, taxes, bills, time management, etc)!

This is a pattern I’ve noticed repeatedly in my own life: feeling tired = higher appetite, along with cravings for junkier foods high in salt, sugar, and fat.  Turns out, this is a connection that happens in other humans too!

Less sleep leads to increased caloric intake

There are several research studies that link sleep restriction with increased caloric intake and weight gain:

Less sleep increases hunger and cravings

It seems like when people get less sleep, they feel hungrier and are more susceptible to food stimulus (ie: those fast food commercials!), especially when you combine that with stress:

When you sleep also matters

Another interesting finding is that timing also impacts metabolism and weight:


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