Is natural still the alternative?

Naturopathic MedicineCheck out this blog by my colleague Ashley Mayer that asks the question “since when did natural become the alternative?”

I had to share this blog because it addresses a major shift in perception that has happened in society in a short period of time. Somehow in just a generation or two, most people have accepted advertising messages/manipulation that tells us that fake, altered, and lab-created foods are somehow equal to or even better than what nature has to offer. Although I have yet to read both of the Michael Pollan books I own, I know that one of his major messages is “eat food.” Even just sticking to this basic advice, meaning eat things in as close to their natural state as possible (unprocessed and free of preservatives, additives, flavours, colours, etc), would greatly benefit most people.

In this blog, Ashley addresses this question as well as the key points of: choose your sources of information carefully and employ your critical thinking skills to decide what is actually “healthy.”

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