Is vitamin D right for you?

Vitamin DMore recent commentary on vitamin D as covered by Natural Medicine Journal:

Let the Science and Evidence Guide Clinical Decision-Making on Vitamin D for the Benefit of Patients, Alexander G. Schauss, PhD, FACN
This article discusses biochemical individuality, as well as evidence in favour of vitamin D as relates to frailty in elderly populations, genetic and racial variations, and immune support. Ultimately, he reiterates that we must “consider the individual,” which is what naturopathic medicine is all about!

Broad-Brush Recommendations Are a Disservice to the Public, Geovanni Espinosa, ND
This article summarizes conditions associated with vitamin D deficiency and provides some broad intake recommendations.

Media Coverage Further Confounds Recommendations, Susan W. Ryan, DO
This article highlights one major issue plaguing media coverage of health issues – inaccurate or incomplete reporting. Unfortunately, as a naturopathic doctor I find this to be all too common! What gets covered in major media is not necessarily representative of the information that exists on a topic, it is slanted more towards what is strange/interesting/controversial/trendy. This also includes such information available on the internet. There is a lot of great information to be found on the internet, but your best bet is to find out what is best for YOU from a trained health professional, such as your naturopathic doctor.

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