Naturopathic doctor licensing in Colorado

Good article in the New York Times today about efforts (and opponents) toward licensing NDs in Colorado (currently an unlicensed state).

Ignorance is not bliss

Mark Cooper is spot-on when he says “The whole issue is fear-based ignorance.” I find that even in Ontario (a province which licenses NDs) most critics of naturopathic medicine are ignorant as to the training we have and treatment we provide.

This is pretty ironic considering that these critics also demand evidence for naturopathic medicine yet neglect to seek out evidence of the claims that they are making against naturopathic medicine! If they took some time to learn about the profession, they would find lots of information in support of naturopathic doctors and the efficacy and safety of naturopathic medicine. In many cases, the evidence for naturopathic interventions (diet, lifestyle, botanical medicine, Asian medicine, homeopathy) is far more compelling than for the conventional medical treatments.

StethoscopeWho can call themselves naturopathic doctors?

One of the biggest issues in unlicensed states/provinces is that there are also practitioners who can call themselves naturopathic doctors who have not had the same training required in licensed areas. In some cases, these groups have incredible lobbying powers and can block regulation for decades. As a naturopathic doctor who has spent years training and a fortune on tuition, I’m really glad I practice in a province that recognizes this and protects my ND title!

Find more information on my pages about naturopathic medicine and frequently asked questions. I’ve also written blogs entitled Medical curriculum comparison, and Alternative medicine debate.

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