Naturopathic medicine gets results

Naturopathic MedicineA project initiated by the Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute conducted a systematic review of outcome studies of whole practice naturopathic medicine. This review demonstrated the value of naturopathic medicine, specifically:

“Our review found 13 qualifying studies which we evaluated for their primary outcome measures, quality of life measures and cost-effectiveness.

  • For primary outcomes, the 13 studies were universally positive and, in 11 of 13, were statistically significantly positive.
  • Quality of life was assessed in some way in 8 of the studies, and again, the outcomes were universally positive with 6 studies showing statistical significance in one or more scales.
  • Cost-effectiveness was included in 2 studies. Again, the results were positive.”

This is great news for the profession, as the value of our work continues to prove effective and valuable!

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