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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is naturopathic medicine and how does it differ from conventional medicine?

Naturopathic Doctors are the experts in natural medicine.

Naturopathic medicine differs in philosophy and therefore strategy of treatment.  Rather than suppressing symptoms, my goal is to identify and treat the cause of symptoms in order to allow the body to return to health.  Naturopathic doctors spend more time with patients and also focus on patient education to promote prevention of illness in the future.

Click here for more information about naturopathic medicine.  Also, check out my blog Medical curriculum comparison comparing conventional medical training and naturopathic medical training.

Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Definitely.  The great thing about paying for your health care is that you have control.  You’ll spend more time with the doctor, have all your questions answered, and have a treatment plan personalized to you.

The goal of naturopathic treatment is to treat the root cause, not just symptoms, and the ultimate goal is to achieve true wellness and prevent chronic disease in the future.  Effective treatment now will save a lot of time, money, and energy down the road!  What better investment can you make than in your health?  For even more reasons why health is worth your time and investment, check out my blog on why Health is key to success.

Does my insurance cover naturopathic medicine?

Most extended health care plans offer coverage for naturopathic medicine.  Please check with your insurance carrier and request coverage it if is not provided!  After each visit you will be provided with an invoice to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What kinds of ailments or patients can naturopathic medicine treat?

Are you ready to feel better?  Do you want to understand WHY you have symptoms?

Everyone can benefit from naturopathic medicine, which focuses on treating people, not diseases.  Naturopathic medicine also treats all ages and kinds of patients; newborns, children, adults (both men and women), and the elderly.

Naturopathic medicine can be used to treat both acute conditions (such as colds/flus, fever, minor injuries, and migraines) and chronic conditions (such as fatigue, endocrine imbalances, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders, and mood disorders).  Naturopathic medicine is also a great support to optimize health through life transitions (such as weight loss, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, and aging) or adjunctive care to support conventional medical treatments.

Many people seek out a naturopathic doctor because they have wellness goals that they have been unable to achieve alone or via conventional medicine or simply because they would like to learn more about their health.

Click on these links to learn more about my areas of expertise and programs for specific issues that I offer.

What can I expect?

The first visit is 90 minutes and consists of an in-depth intake during which we will discuss your health concerns and goals and an assessment which includes a screening physical exam.  During the first visit I will spend most of the time listening in order to understand and prioritize your health needs.  At the end of this visit we will have clear priorities, goals, and you will leave with some preliminary treatment recommendations to follow until the second visit.

Click the link for more information on what to expect in subsequent visits.

Do you work with other health care providers?

Definitely.  I believe that working as part of a team is the best way to support patients and I work with other health care providers to ensure that you receive the best possible care.  Please bring the contact information for your other providers to your first appointment and copies of any recent lab work if possible.

What if I’m taking prescription medications?

Naturopathic medical training includes education in pharmacology including interactions of pharmaceutical medications with herbs, vitamins, and even foods and managing side effects of medications.  Please bring a list of current medications and supplements with you to your appointment so that I may take these into account in your treatment plan.

Can you run lab tests?

Yes, I can!  Naturopathic doctors can order lab work, interpret the results, and use this information to create an appropriate treatment plan.  Lab work ordered by a naturopathic doctor is not covered by OHIP.  If you have copies of any recent lab work from another health care provider, please bring a copy to your appointment if possible.

How long will treatment take?

I believe in creating a treatment plan tailored to your situation and needs and therefore treatment will take a different amount of time for each person.  It is impossible to say precisely how long treatment will take due to the many factors and variables that affect health, however, this is something that we can discuss during our appointments, as well as ways to track progress and achievement of your goals as treatment progresses.

Is this scientific?

Like your MD, your naturopathic doctor has done a pre-med undergraduate degree, as well as a 4-year graduate medical degree.  Click the link for more information about naturopathic medicine.

There is a vast amount of evidence to support naturopathic medicine.  Check out my blogs Is naturopathic medicine evidence-based? and Homeopathy research review for more information.

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