What to Expect

What to ExpectBefore your visit

I ask that you fill out Naturopathic intake forms and either submit them in advance or bring to your visit. 



Naturopathic initial visit

60 to 90 minutes

This visit is an in-depth review of your health.  I will give you information about naturopathic medicine, my approach, what to expect, and clinic policies.  We will discuss your chief concerns in detail, outline expectations and goals, and take your medical history.  I may begin or complete the screening physical exam in this visit and we may fill out a form to request copies of recent lab tests from other practitioners.  By the end of the visit I will give you some basic treatment guidelines.

2nd visit

Up to 60 minutes

Within 1-2 weeks, we will have your 2nd visit.  At this visit we will review any available lab results and complete the screening physical exam if it was not completed in the first visit.  We will complete discussion of your chief concerns and review of systems.  You will receive a personalized treatment plan that we will review together.  I will answer any questions you have.

Follow-up visits

30 to 60 minutes

The frequency and length of these visits will depend on your personalized treatment plan.  In general, we will start with monthly follow-ups of approximately 30-45 minutes to fine-tune our treatment plan and monitor progress.  If we are using acupuncture as a primary treatment, follow-ups will be weekly for 6-8 weeks with acupuncture treatment at each visit.  We will discuss how your concerns have changed, revisit your goals, and review your overall health.  Based on this information, we will adjust your treatment plan as needed.

Acute visits

15 to 45 minutes

Many patients will have acute illness arise from time to time, such as cold/flu, migraines, injuries, rashes, urinary tract infection (UTI), ear infections, sinus infections, surgery, short-term insomnia, etc.  It is important that we also assess and treat these acute concerns as they arise.  If you have an acute illness, I can usually fit you in for a shorter visit within 24-48 hours during which I will take the acute case, prescribe (supplements, herbs, acupuncture, or a homeopathic remedy), and teach you self-care techniques to speed recovery.  Each time we treat an acute illness, you will gain tools to help prevent future illness as well as learn techniques to treat future acute concerns as they arise.

Working with other Health Care Practitioners

Watch my video below to learn how I work with other Health Care Practitioners:

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