Allergy Alleviation

Allergy AlleviationAbout Allergy Alleviation:

Do you dread allergy season?  Have you developed a phobia of pets, dust, grass, or even just going outside?

Did you know that you can significantly reduce and even eliminate allergies?

Allergic reactions are just an over-reaction by your immune system to things that are not harmful!  Stop the allergy madness this year through this program which addresses both short-term symptom relief and long-term resolution of allergies.


  1. Review past and current medical history and symptoms
  2. Customize a protocol to address allergy symptoms (this can include finding substitutes for allergy medications) and support immune balance immediately
  3. Support healthy detoxification and elimination to improve immune tolerance of allergens in your environment

Conditions Treated:

  • Seasonal and indoor/environmental allergies
  • Hives
  • Dermatographism
  • Food allergies

Click here to book a free Meet and Greet consult with Dr. Kate, ND to find out more about this program.

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