HPV Healing

HPV HealingAbout the HPV Healing program:

HPV infection and cervical dysplasia are common concerns among women and highly treatable with naturopathic medicine, both alone or in combination with conventional treatments.

This program takes a comprehensive approach, supporting immune health and restoring hormone balance both systemically and locally to address HPV infection, cervical dysplasia, and abnormal Paps.

Short-term, focused treatment is combined with long-term healing to restore healthy tissue and prevent future issues.

Read my Cervical dysplasia case study for more details on how I work with women to treat cervical dysplasia and HPV safely and effectively using naturopathic medicine.

How does it work?

  • Together, we review past and current lab results to determine the best treatment for you and I ensure all your questions regarding diagnosis are addressed
  • If necessary, I will perform a naturopathic gynecological exam including a Pap test
  • Protocols are tailored to your needs
  • Regular follow-up to support you and make adjustments to treatment

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