Reasons to stop eating junk

I loved this blog Crap In. Crap Out. We all know we should eat healthy and right for us, so why do we keep eating junk? This blog address 5 “yes, but…” reasons! A few great quotes:

  • “When you eat dead, processed, sugared, preserved crap, how could you possibly expect to feel good, lively, clear-headed and brave?”
  • “You don’t know what real fun is until you’ve mastered yourself, learned to eat live foods and enjoy them, and sculpted for yourself the exact body you want.”
  • “Learn to make yourself feel better with exercise, self-care, regular sleep and healthy, nourishing food.”
  • “almost everyone would totally support your healthier eating if you honestly and seriously asked them to.”

Took the words right out of my mouth! Enjoy!

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