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What’s a list of New Year’s resolutions without the requisite ‘lose weight’ among the top five?  And what better way than with the Blood Type Diet?

For some, it’s not as much about losing weight as it is about adopting healthier habits and those can encompass eating better, exercising more, sleeping more soundly, reducing stress and a whole host of other wellness goals.  According to research, more than half of people who make New Year’s resolutions will drop them by mid-year.  Nevertheless, the same research also shows that just the act of making a resolution and sticking to it for even an abbreviated length of time lays the foundation for future positive change.

The media overflows this time of year with advice on sticking to our resolve to introduce positive change.  The best one, in my opinion?  Buddy up.  Find a friend who is also committed to make the change you seek.  Research out of the University of Leeds shows that if you and a partner work together, better eating and exercise habits are bound to stick.  So, grab your spouse, mom, sister, brother, best friend, or child who’s interested in eating and exercising according to Blood Type this year.

Tips to begin the Blood Type Diet

Type O:

  • At big meals, focus on proteins like red meat, turkey and fish
  • To boost your metabolism, add green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach
  • Avoid wheat completely, as well as most cow milk dairy
  • To side-step weight gain, slash kidney beans, lentil and corn from your diet
  • Engage in vigorous, sweat-enducing exercise at least four times per week

Type A:

  • Red meats are best avoided, but turkey is fine
  • Soy is a good replacement protein metabolized quickly by Type As
  • Load your plate with winter vegetables, particularly pumpkin, turnip and parnsip
  • Pineapple will increase calorie utilization and aid in digestion
  • Calming, restorative exercises like yoga and tai-chi will head off stress, which can exacerbate weight gain

Type B:

  • The biggest weight-gain offenders are chicken, corn and peanuts
  • Like Type O’s, Type B’s should avoid the harmful lectins in wheat
  • Load up on dairy and eggs to supercharge the metabolism
  • Add licorice tea at the end of meals to balance blood sugar
  • Try alternating days of physically rigorous exercise (3 days a week) with relaxing workouts (two days a week)

Type AB:

  • Seafood is the protein of choice but turkey is also metabolically favorable
  • Common winter fruits like figs, cranberries and plums are excellent for AB’s
  • Make tofu a regular part of your diet
  • A power juice for AB’s:  one apple, a few stalks of celery, 2 carrots and a few leaves of cabbage
  • AB’s have a similar stress profile to Type As, so heavy exercise will only deplete the nervous system.  Try yoga and low-impact martial arts, walking and dance.
Dr. Maura Henninger, ND

Dr. Maura Henninger, ND

Guest post originally published by Dr. Maura Henninger, ND

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