Biotherapeutic Drainage

Biotherapeutic DrainageWhat is Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Biotherapeutic Drainage is a treatment modality that includes UNDA numbered compounds, Gemmotherapy, and Oligotherapy.  In my practice I use UNDAs primarily but have access to Gemmotherapy and Oligotherapy if appropriate.

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What are UNDA remedies?

UNDA numbered compounds (or simply UNDAs) are a collection of 76 numbered compounds made from diluted plant and mineral substances that can be used to treat a wide range of health concerns.  Each numbered compound has an affinity for particular organs, systems, and functions in the body.

How were you trained in Biotherapeutic Drainage?

Biotherapeutic drainage is not part of the basic education offered at naturopathic college.  I completed a course taught by Dick Thom, ND through Seroyal, the company that distributes UNDAs in Canada.  UNDAs can only be prescribed by a practitioner who has completed this training.

What can I expect?

UNDAs are usually prescribed 3 at a time with a focus on a particular organ system and/or function in the body.  However, 1, 2, or 4 UNDAs may be prescribed at once.  Dosing depends on whether your health concern is acute or chronic, as well as patient age, sensitivity, and other specifics of your case.

UNDAs are not supplements or herbs; they are prescribed in courses with breaks between.  You do not take UNDAs forever, they are to treat specific health concerns, organs, systems, or functions.  Each course of treatment builds upon previous courses over weeks (in the case of more acute issues) or months (in the case of chronic concerns).

What can you treat with UNDAs?

UNDAs can be used to treat both acute and chronic concerns and can be used in conjunction with other naturopathic treatment modalities, often improving the effect of other treatments by ensuring optimal health of relevant organs, systems, and functions.  UNDAs are particularly useful in situations where many other therapies are contraindicated and gentler care is needed (eg: pregnancy, breast-feeding, advanced age, hypersensitive patients, debility, chronic/degenerative disease) and in situations where previous or current therapies are not yielding expected results.

UNDAs are gentler, yet deeper acting that most supplements and herbs, so a “healing crisis” (temporary worsening of symptoms as your body is healing) is rarely seen.  Any adverse effects experienced are generally mild and indicate progress toward healing.  In my experience any adverse effects usually resolve before the end of that particular course of UNDAs and can be managed via self-care, support, and adjustment of dosing as needed.

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