Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle CoachingWhat is lifestyle coaching?

Lifestyle is key in creating a strong foundation of health and self-care.  This aspect of treatment covers a wide range of topics, such as environmental risk factors, health promoting behaviours and habits, emotional support, and stress management.


How were you trained in lifestyle coaching?

Naturopathic doctors are trained for 4 years in how to support patients in changing behaviours to support healing.

What can I expect?

As part of any treatment, I teach self-care techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, sleep hygiene, hydrotherapy, exercise, and many other skills.  I also recognize the importance of emotional health by integrating counselling techniques, particularly problem-solving and stress management, into a personalized treatment plan.

What can you treat with lifestyle coaching?

Dickson Thom, an experienced naturopathic doctor, has noted that illness stems from violation of natural laws.  Lifestyle counselling is an integral part of any naturopathic treatment plan as it focuses on restoring balance by teaching behaviours that adhere to natural laws and support the body rather than cause additional stress.

Is there evidence for the use of lifestyle coaching?

There is lots of evidence to supporting meditation, stress reduction, sleep, exercise, and other health-promoting behaviours.  Check out PubMed to search for specific research articles.

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