SWAMI GenoType Personalized Nutrition Plan

What is SWAMI GenoType?

SWAMI GenoType is a computer software program created by Peter D’Adamo ND that uses information about your genetics, biometrics, and health history to design a personalized nutrition plan customized to your needs, to provide the fuel that is best for your body.  After completing your SWAMI GenoType intake with me, you will receive a report containing your personalized food lists, extras (including genoharmonic food list, link to meal planning and recipe software, shopping lists, and exercise guide), and a final section all about your GenoType in detail.

What can I expect during my SWAMI GenoType intake?

The information necessary to run SWAMI will be gathered as part of a naturopathic visit with me.  There is a one-time fee for the SWAMI GenoType personalized nutrition plan in addition to naturopathic visits.  I take a health history and perform key measurements.  If you have recent lab results and/or a list of medications you are taking, this information can also be incorporated.  If you do not know your blood type, I will blood type you in the office using a single-use blood typing kit (for an additional fee).  It may also be necessary to find out your secretor status using a take-home salivary secretor test kit (for an additional fee) – we can determine this together.  Then I input the information we gathered into the SWAMI GenoType software and on your next visit you receive your binder (see above) and we will review the results.

Here is part of the SWAMI GenoType client input screen:

SWAMI GenoType intake

What information do you use in SWAMI GenoType?

  • Demographics: height, weight, age, gender, ethnicity, activity level
  • Genetics: blood type, secretor status, PROP taster status, caffeine sensitivity, lactose intolerance
  • Your health history and family history
  • Lab data, medications
  • Anthropometry: handedness, waist and hip measurements, cranial measurements, tooth features, gonial angle, somatotype, trunk and leg measurements
  • Dermatoglyphics: fingerprint patterns, relative finger lengths

There are also several optional additions to further refine your plan:

  • Ancestral DNA haplogroups
  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Bioimpedance analysis
  • Breath hydrogen results
  • Iridology

Finally, as a practitioner I can further customize your plan by inputting preferences depending on your health concerns.

What’s in the report?

The report contains 4 sections:

  • Introduction: your GenoType rationale and customization
  • Food lists and explanation of each food category
  • Extras: genoharmonic food list, link to meal planning and recipe software, shopping list, and exercise guide
  • Your GenoType in detail

Here is an example of one of the food category listings:

SWAMI GenoType example

What can SWAMI GenoType treat?

SWAMI GenoType can be used to treat many conditions, because food is the most important factor in health.  Most patients are interested in losing weight and because excess weight is a major contributor to all chronic diseases, losing weight will improve any health condition.  SWAMI can also be used to treat:

  • Digestive concerns by identifying which foods are best for your physiology
  • Hormonal imbalance by regulating hormones that affect your body in a huge variety of ways
  • Pain and inflammatory conditions by creating an anti-inflammatory diet customized to you
  • Autoimmune disease by balancing your immune system
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues by changing the way your brain functions and emphasizing key nutrients that regulate mood

SWAMI GenoType can even be further customized to emphasize cancer prevention/management, anti-inflammatory foods, blood sugar regulation, or anti-aging!

If it seems like SWAMI GenoType is a silver bullet for all that ails you, keep in mind that indeed, food is truly healing; personalized nutrition can be used to treat such a variety of conditions because what you eat is the most important influence on your health, via your digestive tract, immune system, and hormone levels.  However, nutrition is almost never the only intervention that I work with and the onus is ultimately on the patient to take responsibility for his or her health by making habit changes that will support healing.  You are a key part of the equation.

Some common questions about SWAMI GenoType:

SWAMI says I can’t have (particular food), but Dr. Oz/the news/my aunt says that (particular food) is really healthy and everyone should eat it.  What gives?

No food (if it is actually a food and not a chemical, “fake food,” or lab creation) is inherently “good” or “evil.”  Every food has nutritional value.  However, there are foods that are best for you as an individual, taking into account your genetics, epigenetics, health history, and everything else.  While there is a lot of great information out there about nutrition, those are one-size-fits-all solutions and we are not all the same!  Peter D’Adamo’s work is all about YOU, and nobody else.  SWAMI GenoType designs a diet that is customized to you.  The goal is for you to emphasize your superfoods to promote health.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, but SWAMI says I should eat meat.  What do I do?

Your SWAMI GenoType diet plan can be customized to your particular dietary habits, including vegetarian (lacto, lacto-ovo, pescatarian) and even kosher or paleolithic diets.  SWAMI GenoType will by default create a diet that is personalized to you to provide the best fuel for your body, but your practitioner can further customize your diet with this additional layer of personalization.

I’m allergic to (particular food), but SWAMI says I should eat it.  Should I?

If you know that your body reacts in a certain way to a particular food, such as an anaphylactic allergy, absolutely not!  Discuss this with your practitioner and your SWAMI GenoType diet plan can be customized to take this into account and mark foods you are allergic to as avoids.  This is also true of gluten intolerance and other necessary food restrictions.  SWAMI GenoType allows your practitioner to emphasize or de-emphasize individual nutrients!

I’m taking (particular drug), can I still use SWAMI?

Absolutely!  Your SWAMI GenoType practitioner can enter information about both over-the-counter and prescription drugs you are using and SWAMI GenoType will take into account nutritional effects of these drugs.  It will also list which nutrients are affected in your diet report.

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