What is the GenoType Diet?

Change your genetic destiny bookI’ve been planning to write a blog called “GenoType diet primer” but then I saw this great article in the Huffington Post about the GenoType diet! The author explains the diet in a really simple and straightforward way and also how it has worked for him.

Key points:

“Different bodies have different needs.”

Dr. D’Adamo’s life work is all about individualization. You’ve probably heard of people who do great as a vegan or vegetarian, and others who do great on the Atkins diet. By now you would think more people would realize that one size does not fit all! The GenoType diet is all about emphasizing the foods that are right for YOU and nobody else.

“The list of good foods is long and yummy”

“The Genotype approach emphasizes what you CAN eat, not what you can’t. The focus is not on self denial, but self-knowledge.” As the saying goes, knowledge is power! The GenoType diet focuses on what the best fuel for your body is. Dr. D’Adamo and many other wise and successful natural health practitioners know that you cannot remove disease, you can only add health. This approach to diet (and lifestyle too!) is all about filling your life up with health, which leaves no room for disease.

This is not a diet about counting calories.

Calories are not all created equal! Eating a box of crackers for dinner versus a well-balanced meal may amount to the same calories, but those foods will have radically different effects on your body via hormones, nutrients, metabolism, etc. This way of eating is about choosing foods that maximize your nutrition and work with your unique system.

If you’re interested in learning more about The GenoType Diet, check out my page on personalized nutrition. I also have a page about SWAMI GenoType, a computer software program that takes The GenoType Diet to the next level by creating a diet plan that is customized to you.

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