Where I meditated

During my 100 day meditation challenge, I have usually meditated in my bedroom sitting on my bed or in my home office.  In other words, in a private, calm, quiet, dark, comfortable place.  In my Quick start guide to meditation I recommend that you meditate somewhere quiet, where you can be alone and undisturbed, but in real life it isn’t always possible.

I’ve mentioned in past posts that I’ve meditated in the car several times to ensure I keep on track with my challenge, but sometimes I’ve meditated in more interesting, less conventional places.  Check out where I meditated below.

Day 48 - 17 Aug 2013

On day 48 my fiance and I drove north for a camping trip and stayed our first night at a motel just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park.  May I present the bathroom of that motel, where I brought a chair from the room and meditated with my friends toilet, shower, and sink.






Day 49&50 - 18&19 Aug 2013

As you may have gathered, days 49 and 50 were spent canoeing and camping.  My meditation spot was our tent, accompanied by the sounds of nature and the giggling of the little girls at the next campsite over who liked to sneak over and spy on us.




Day 67 - 5 Sep 2013

Day 67 was a hectic, long day – my second last day at work before vacation!  I don’t know about you, but I seem to need time off both before and after my actual vacation, just to get stuff done!

Somehow, the time got away from me and I ended up meditating on the streetcar during my commute home!  It worked out fine, I just put in my earbuds, listened to a guided meditation, and hoped the other riders didn’t think I was weird…




Day 71 - 9 Sep 2013

Day 71 was full of travel – over 14 hours worth!  Because this day also involved a 6 hour time change, I decided to just get my meditation out of the way on our first flight so I wouldn’t accidentally miss a day in my chain.

I employed the same strategy on days 81 and 82 during our multi-day journey home too!





Days 72-81Thankfully at the other end of all that travel was beautiful Maui!  Days 72 through 80 I mostly meditated outside on our lanai, overlooking the Pacific ocean.

I didn’t take any photos of that spot, so here is a shot of a rainbow at the front of our hotel – the first of several rainbows we saw on our trip!  Which probably explains why Hawaiian license plates feature a rainbow…


Day 88 - 26 Sep 2013

Finally, back in Toronto last week and I had another busy, long day with dinner plans after work.  So, just in case I didn’t make it home before midnight, I meditated in my Beaches office in the chair where my patients normally sit.







Have you ever meditated in a unconventional setting?


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